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"The higher plains of consciousness are becoming more available to you now. The dark night of the soul has arrived for millions of people across our planet and the next wave of awakening is upon us. As you step onto our heart path and remember who-you-really-are know that you are not alone. There are many of us who have come before you to lay the ground work for what you will now experience on your path of self discovery.

With change being the most natural thing in the Universe, do your best to embrace whatever stage of enlightenment you find yourself in without judgement or comparison to others. As you take a deep breath and cease trying to 'fix' your perceived flaws or distract yourself from feeling what you are afraid of - you will journey deep into the wisdom of your soul to re-discover the love, understanding, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness that you have been keeping from yourself."

- Meagan (Meg) McKerroll

Writer, Mystic, Healer, Life Mastery Coach, Holistic Health Guru, Spiritual Counsellor & Intuitive Business Mentor
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 Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or ungrounded when it comes to your personal or professional relationships?
Do you yearn for the freedom to be who you are and connect with your soul-essence?
Are you struggling to 'figure out' what to do with your life and feel like you need to find yourself again?
Do you struggle with feeling your emotions, especially anger? 

Something amazing begins to happen when you cultivate an intimate relationship with your soul and human nature; you surrender the conditioned mind for your authenticity.

You don’t have to struggle with pain, anxiety, overwhelm or depression - in fact, these are the exact avenues to discover your rich inner world of personal power and awakened consciousness.

It is my honour to provide the sacred space and teachings necessary for you to make peace with your inner and outer self and heal into wholeness with body, mind and soul.

"Meagan completely changed the course of my life in the span of only a couple of months!
I am deeply grateful." 

- Stephanie

Experience The Freedom of Being Yourself

For the past 10 years I have been supporting my clients to experience the freedom of being themselves.  My approach to spiritual mentoring is multifaceted; I combine direct channeled communication, intuitive shamanic healing, sound healing, and over a decade of life mastery coaching and spiritual counselling to help you discover who-you-really-are on the other side of fear, shame, pain, conflict and dis-ease.

"Meg McKerroll is the grounding voice of tranquility, love, appreciation and pure positive energy that I longed for in the cacophony of my life. If you long for change - real change, in your life, and desire guidance from someone who is both nurturing and kickass, than Meg is your answer! Look no further."  

- Christine

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 Would you love to feel more connected in mind, body and soul?
Imagine being consciously aware of the messages your emotions, thoughts and intuition are trying to convey to you.
Think about what it would feel like to live as a free being, unshackled from your conditioned behaviours and limiting beliefs.

Our time together is designed to help you tune into your emotional needs and spiritual integrity so that it may serve and support the emergence of what is truly wanting to unfold in your life. 

With traditional therapy having its psychological benefits, the spiritual mentoring and counselling I offer goes beyond conventional methods by providing intuitive insight and highly attuned healing to help you connect with your soul-essence.

I offer a compassionate approach that welcomes all of you - your fears, depression, worry, anger, hopes, dreams, sorrow, shame and divinity.  I hold space for all of you to be seen as sacred. As you uncover new inner resources your health and wellbeing improves, relationships deepen and soul-purpose becomes clear.

"Meg is one of those rare people who touches the lives of everyone she meets and it is a pleasure to be able to work with her. She has a way of seeing your highest potential and challenges you to become who you were meant to be. I am grateful to have been under her care as I took steps to move into filling my passions and dreams. Thank you! 

- Cindy

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Are you unable to find the answers or clarity on your own when it comes to your personal or professional life?


Access the support you need to heal and grow.

You may be reluctant to give yourself the opportunity for deep transformational healing, perhaps believing that you should be able to find the answers on your own, or maybe you fear the change that will follow. I’m here to guide you with cultivating a meaningful relationship between your spirit and human nature, and ultimately access your own inner guidance. 

Connect with your intrinsic value and needs in an atmosphere of spiritual and psychological integration.
The healing benefits are many …
  • Gain clarity, spiritual insight and understanding.

  • Dissolve energy-blocks and re-pattern core beliefs.

  • Make peace with your past and free your authentic expression.

  • Get in touch with your fundamental needs.

  • Unlock your natural gifts and strengthen your personal power.

  • Become aligned with your soul-purpose.

  • Make life-affirming choices based on your true sense of value.

"I have worked with Meagan for 2 years, and can't wait for each session. Every time I meet with her, I expand and grow more. She gives me the right tools at the right time to help me become the best version of me - to come into my Higher Self. I am deeply grateful to have her in my life." 

- Carol

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1-1 Private Programs for Self Discovery

Are you seeking deep meaning and lasting transformation in your life? If so, my 1-1 Private Program for Self Discovery Program is for you. Fill out this form and once received I'll be in touch within 3-5 business days to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session with you (valued at $250) to see if working together is the right fit for both of us.

Spiritual Business Mentorship

Would you love to take your business to the next level? Click here to learn more about working with me on a professional level. If you want accelerated and honest results, as well as increased confidence to get you to your next level, I provide Mentorship in the area's of Money, Mindset, Marketing, Sales and Enrolment for fellow healers, coaches, alternative practitioners, consultants and service based spiritual entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact in the world while serving others.

Speaking Engagements & Groups

To have me work with your professional group or speak at your next event please have your event planner email me directly.

"Working with Meagan really helped me to redefine my vision, gain back the clarity I wanted for my life & my business, and by the end of our 12 sessions together I was able to achieve an income milestone in my business that I'd been shooting for, for many years previous."

- Tracy

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