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"The higher plains of consciousness are becoming more available to you now. The dark night of the soul has arrived for millions of people across our planet and the next wave of awakening is upon us. As you step onto our heart path and remember who-you-really-are know that you are not alone. There are many of us who have come before you to lay the ground work for what you will now experience on your path of self discovery.

With change being the most natural thing in the Universe, do your best to embrace whatever stage of enlightenment you find yourself in without judgement or comparison to others. As you take a deep breath and cease trying to 'fix' your perceived flaws or distract yourself from feeling what you are afraid of - you will journey deep into the wisdom of your soul to re-discover the love, understanding, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness that you have been keeping from yourself."

- Meagan (Meg) McKerroll

Writer, Mystic, Healer, Life Mastery Coach, Holistic Health Guru, Spiritual Counsellor & Intuitive Business Mentor
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 Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated or burnt out?
Are you concerned that the freedom you seek will never arrive and you'll waste your life  doing meaningless things you dislike?
Do you sometimes feel that you're 'going crazy' and can't figure out why life is so hard and you don't fit in to your old life?
Are you struggling to find your True Self and Inner Guidance amongst all of the chaos of the world and secretly worry that you're not good enough? 

Answering YES to any of the above questions is a clear indication that you're going through your spiritual awakening and are right on track for the emergence of your true Self. Congratulations! What an honour to have you here in Meagan's orbit  as you remember who-you-really-are and why you're really here.


Having gone through her own spiritual awakening many years ago Meagan knows how confusing, frustrating, energetically draining and painful it can be too 'wake up' and start living from your heart, rather than your head.  In a world designed to keep you living in fear, you are part of the next wave of ascended beings sent here to break free from these old paradigms and outdated control systems. You have come here on purpose and are meant to live a life of great meaning. 

If you're reading this know that you are the lion - not the sheep - and that wherever you find yourself is exactly where you're meant to be for the highest good of your ever expanding awakening right now.

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Everyone's awakening is unique and different.
That's why Meagan uses her unique skill set to coach, heal and guide you along your personal journey back into the calm, grounded, centered and wise inner guide that lives within your heart.

Meagan's intention is for you to be your own spirit guide. With her many years of attuned channeling and high level, yet grounded, guidance she will help you navigate and accelerate your timeline offering you the tools, wisdom teachings, energy activations and safe space necessary to give voice to your dreams and reclaim your power, freedom, purpose and prosperity in life.


Your time together will be designed to help you tune into your emotional needs and spiritual integrity so that it may serve and support the emergence of what is truly wishing to unfold in your life rather than have you fight with it.

If you're tried traditional therapy but find that you're still repeating old unwanted habits and patterns, Meagan's spiritual coaching and integrative energy healing work will help you to connect with your soul-essence. A part that is sadly missed with conventional methods.


She offers a compassionate approach that welcomes all of you - your fear, worry, anger, sadness, anxiety, shame, hopes and dreams.


Meagan holds a sacred space for you to be seen while you get to the root of your issues and start to plant new seeds of growth and possibility together.

"Meagan completely changed the course of my life in the span of only a couple of months!
I am deeply grateful." 

- Stephanie

Meagan, loving referred to as 'Meg' by many of her clients, is All About Freedom!

For over a decade Meagan has been quietly supporting her clients to raise their vibration, step into their next level of living and experience the freedom of being themselves.  Her approach is unique and multifaceted; She combines direct channeled communication, shamanism, life mastery coaching, spiritual counselling, quantum energy healing & integrative somatic freedom techniques to help you re-discover who-you-really-are on the other side of fear, shame, pain, conflict, stress and physical dis-ease. She is a master energy healer and guide to people from around the world and is the best selling author of the book 'Up Until Now: The 3 Magic Words that stop Fear, Stress & Anxiety from Running your Life.'

"Meg is one of those rare people who touches the lives of everyone she meets and it is a pleasure to be able to work with her. She has a way of seeing your highest potential and challenges you to become who you were meant to be. I am grateful to have been under her care as I took steps to move into filling my passions and dreams. Thank you! 

- Cindy

Work With Meagan

1-1 Spiritual Coaching & Healing

Take your first step towards personal freedom by filing out this form. Once received Meagan will be in touch within 1-3 business days to discuss program options, answer any questions you may have and see if working together is the right fit.

Spiritual Business Mentorship

Would you love to take your business to the next level? Click here to learn more about working with Meagan on a professional level. If you want accelerated and honest results, as well as increased confidence to get you to your next level, Meagan provides Mentorship to open-minded professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders who want to make a bigger impact in the world while serving others and enjoying more time, money and location freedom.

Speaking Engagements & Groups

To have Meagan work with your professional group or speak at your next event please have your event planner email her directly.

"Working with Meagan really helped me to redefine my vision, gain back the clarity I wanted for my life & my business, and by the end of our 12 sessions together I was able to achieve an income milestone in my business that I'd been shooting for, for many years previous."

- Tracy

Join Meagan's Tribe

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"Meg McKerroll is the grounding voice of tranquility, love, appreciation and pure positive energy that I longed for in the cacophony of my life. If you long for change - real change, in your life, and desire guidance from someone who is both nurturing and kickass, than Meg is your answer! Look no further."  

- Christine



Journey to your Inner Wisdom

Meagan McKerroll

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