Meet Meagan

Master Energy Healer, Spiritual Success Coach and Modern Day Shaman to Awakened Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Whether you're an entrepreneur wishing to next level your business, a senior executive looking to be a more whole-hearted and grounded leader, or an ambitious woman who wants to make a positive & transformative life change, I am here to help you step back into alignment with your true power and divine purpose.


"I was able to achieve an INCOME MILESTONE in my business that I’d been shooting for, for many years previous. I was extremely excited and thrilled with the results that happened as a result of coaching with Meagan."

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

No matter what your dreams are, I utilize my diverse background to bring you the tools, principles, practices, high-level support and proven success systems to move you into living those dreams from your highest potential with confidence. I want you to actualize your best life now, not a year from now! Our time together is carefully crafted and expertly planned to help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose and Heart's desires.

I will to teach you how to live from your divine wise self; doing less, while achieving more. You will learn how to rely on, and trust in, the invisible side of success and your intuition. We will re-awaken your positive presence and create space for heightened levels of spiritual alignment, health, wealth, higher self-esteem and lasting joy. As we remove the imposture syndrome, breakthrough the hidden barriers, and reprogram your mind for increased prosperity you will begin to live with more passion, purpose, freedom and clarity. Moving in the direction of your dreams is easy with my proven step-by- step system that teaches you the invisible side of success.


"I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Meagan and her brilliant soul work. I have NEVER BEEN HAPPIER or more self assured than I am today. She knew exactly what I needed and when. She is a healer, shaman, advisor, coach and simply an amazing human being."

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