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Perhaps you want to have more money, start a new career, heal your body, attract that loving partner, re-invent yourself or simply feel more vibrant and alive in your own skin, whatever your desire might be - Meagan is a highly accomplished coach here to help you accelerate your results and achieve your heart-centered goals.

When you decide to work with Meagan you can be sure to replace fear, stress, self-doubt and limiting beliefs with the courage, confidence, balance and clarity to propel you towards your dreams. 

Book your complimentary Strategy Session today and learn more about how Meagan can support you in achieving your personal or professional goals.

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Meagan McKerroll is a world-class life coach who offers the kind of mentoring support you wished you had and you'll thank your lucky stars that you found her! From your very first conversation with Meagan you'll know you are in capable hands. 

She has mastered that unbeatable and highly sought-after combination of listening caringly and responding intuitively, taking her clients and their most sought after dreams through quantum leaps and into inspired action.​

Anne S. Perrah | Life Coach & Author

When I met Meagan I was stuck! And in more than one area in my life. Business, relationship, health! Now that I've completed her 12 week Life Transformation Program, and even prior to finishing, I saw incredible progress in each of the areas in my life.

Meagan equipped me with the tools to see and achieve my vision and goals for my life. To get to the next level in any area of your life... I would highly recommend you enrol yourself in Meagan's Program; I will be again!

Dominique Johnson | Sales Professional & Entrepreneur

Working with Meagan really helped me to redefine my vision, gain back the clarity I wanted for my life & my business, and by the end of our 12 weeks together I was able to achieve an income milestone in my business that I’d been shooting for, for many years previous. I was extremely excited and thrilled with the results that happened as a result of coaching with Meagan. 

She helped me work through hidden challenges that were blocking me when it came to my beliefs around money and my business. Having those ‘Ahaa’ moments and amazing breakthroughs made a huge difference for my life. I would HIGHLY recommend Meagan in order to move you forward to great success!

Tracey Chesson | Regional Vice President

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Transformational Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck or directionless? Are you going through a major life transition and aren't sure who you are anymore?

Work with Meagan 1-1 in a private coaching program designed to take you through a highly effective and proven process to help accelerate your results while remaining true to your authentic Self. Gain the clarity, certainty and confidence that will move you in the direction of your dreams.

Mindset & Performance Coaching

Are you ready to take your business to the next level without all of the stress, overwhelm and burnout?

If you're an entrepreneur who wants high level teachings, fast results, fresh perspectives, steadfast accountability and supercharged confidence, you're in the right place. Meagan provides mindset and performance coaching to open-minded professionals ready to take things to the next level.

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Speaking Services

Does your senior management team need some fresh energy or new perspectives to launch them into action? Are you hosting a workshop or retreat and would like Meagan to inspire & teach your guests? 

Meagan is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who leaves her audience feeling empowered and confident to take action in the direction of their dreams. Her ability to take complicated spiritual teachings and ground them into practical steps is one of her biggest gifts.

VIP Days & Intensives

VIP Days & Intensives are offered in 1/2 Day and Full Day formats for clients who wish to fast-track through a specific are in their life.

They include, but are not limited to helping with: Clarity, Confidence, Emotional Wellness, Holistic Lifestyle Facilitation, Movement, Stress Reduction, Strategic Business Planning, Marketing & Branding, Money Mindset, Sales & Enrolment, Energy Maintenance and various Shamanic Ceremonies to clear and remove blockages.

Meet Meagan

Meagan is a sought-after Spiritual Life & Success Coach, Master Energy Healer, International Speaker and Holistic Health Practitioner who loves working with ambitious professionals who are ready to live at their next level of success with more happiness, health, peace, prosperity, fulfillment and freedom.


She specializes in working with professionals who experience high levels of stress and anxiety in their day-to-day lives and have a health history of chronic fatigue, low energy or burnout.


She blends her proven excellence in coaching with her rich background in counselling, integrative holistic healing, energy medicine and shamanism to bring you all-encompassing results in mind, body and spirit. 


 "Before I met Meagan I was stuck in an old way of thinking and of looking at the world, but now I am in control of my life and attracting the things that I want every day.  My BUSINESS HAS GONE THROUGH THE ROOF and my mindset is under my control."

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It's time to breakthrough your barriers, free yourself from your past, fulfill your life's purpose and say YES to YOU! Experience the freedom, joy, and fulfilment that comes when you have the courage to answer your hearts calling to grow.

Book your complimentary Strategy Session and start living from the freer, fuller and more expanded version of yourself, today!

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Please feel free to contact Meagan with any questions or request that you may have. We will get back to you within the next 1-3 business days.

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