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1-1 Coaching

"Meagan McKerroll is the grounding voice of tranquility, love, appreciation and pure positive energy that I longed for in the cacophony of my life." - Christine

Meagan's coaching and healing programs are tailored to your specific goals and intentions.

She utilizes her diverse background to bring you the tools, principles, practices, high-level insights and teachings to support your transformation and bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Your program will be carefully crafted and expertly planned to help you with living your most authentic life from your highest potential ensuring more joy, fulfilment, love, prosperity and happiness along the way

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Unlike traditional counselling or therapy where there are many sessions to bring up the past, it is Meagan’s deepest intention to witness and hold space for you to fully feel, heal, release, and transcend any trapped aspect of your experience so they can return to Source as neutral energy. Once this is complete, her intention is to swiftly move you into your next level Self/Higher Self Energies so that you can design and manifest the life and business of your dreams.

She uses various techniques and healing arts from her lineages and trainings to address the invisible blocks to your lack, fear, worry and frustrations in life.

Her coaching programs are rich with high-level teachings and techniques that you can apply to your life for immediate results. You can expect Meagan to teach you techniques to transmute energy, shift into higher states of consciousness and help you free yourself from energetic bondage and old limiting beliefs.

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She will share with you how to view your life from the perspective of your soul rather than your conditioned ego mind and will teach you how to get out of your head and into your heart to experience true liberation, inner peace, freedom and lasting abundance.

The inner work that you'll do together is very spiritual and holistic in nature, yet deeply practical and applicable to your life.

As much as Meagan works in the higher realms she is always making sure that everything can be brought into the physical and grounded in a way that makes sense to you and is applicable to your life.

Meagan will not only help you clear the old blocks that are keeping you stuck, but she'll teach you her proven step-by-step system when it comes to living your divine destiny with confidence and expressing your authentic self in all that you do.

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It is deep, transformative, and it’s where her clients see the fastest results. As she teaches you how to co-create your reality and change your life from the inside out by using the invisible side of success; your confidence grows, you become more clear, more calm, more balanced and energetic - more capable of taking courageous action steps in the direction of your dreams.

Being in Meagan’s energy for this 3-month Journey is highly sought-after and requires you to complete an application to get on the wait list as spaces become available.

Customized 1-1 packages based on your personal needs are also available. Please contact Meagan to learn more.

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