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Helping Clients Achieve Extraordinary Results In Accelerated Time

As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Holistic Health Educator and gifted Energy Healer, Meagan can help you get clear about what it is you Really want out of life. Meagan takes great delight in living her true purpose and teaching the invisible side of life while connecting you inward to your Authentic Self and Inner Wisdom. With her 12-week Life Transformation Program, she will show you how to design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose.

For over 15 years, Meagan has worked holistically with people from around the world showing them how to change their lives when it comes to their health, relationships, careers, creative expression, time & money freedom and spiritual embodiment. She will show you how to build your dreams, accelerate your results, and create a richer, more fulfilling life through a proven and tested success system.

Meagan has studied under some of the most influential and highly revered people in the world when it comes to personal development, success & transformation, of which, Mary Morrissey and the late Bob Proctor have been two of her closest personal Mentors.

Her clients come to her feeling unsure of what their purpose is, stuck in a rut, sick & unhealthy, looking for a change and are just down right unhappy with the results they are experiencing in their life and/or business. With Meagan’s guidance, support, wisdom, and energy; her clients leave with passion & purpose, increased awareness, and crystal clarity moving in the direction of their dreams with a step by step proven process to get them there.

She is a skilled teacher who creates a safe and sacred space for you to really express your truth and unravel what it is you deeply desire in your life. It fills her with great joy and gratitude as she works with people to transform their lives and close the gap between the life they were living and the life they LOVE living.

Meagan has appeared on The ‘Live’ recording of ‘The Invisible Side of Success’ and as a sought after life coach and professional speaker she offers inspiring workshops to sold-out audiences, as well as personalized healing programs for her clients to achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual aliveness in their everyday lives.

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"Meagan is simply PURE MAGIC - The coaches coach, the healers healer. I am forever grateful for my time with her!"



Meagan is a mesa carrier and modern day Shaman through her Peruvian Shamanic Lineage of Elders and Wisdom Keepers and has travelled extensively to work with various medicine women & men throughout the world.

In her Shaman tradition, it is said that we are dreaming our world into being in every moment we are living. We do this by means of our attentive focus, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, unconscious myths and our old energetic patterns and influences.

These invisible forces impact our daily lives at such a high level and are often difficult for us to change on our own. With Meagan's unique background and sought after combination of skills in healing the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies, She is a master at taking you through the inner workings of your life so that you can experience the outer results you so deeply desire.​

As she guides you through her 12-week Life Transformation process to change your reality from the inside, she will use her healer abilities to first shift these deep inner layers whilst realigning with your authentic Self.

With nearly two decades worth of study, teaching, and mentorship in the areas of: transformational coaching, metaphysics, mindfulness, yoga, shamanism, holistic health, spiritual counselling, breathwork, energy medicine and various other alternative healing modalities, Meagan is here to produce lasting transformational results in the lives of the people that she works with.

When she's not working 1-1 in her private practice, you can find Meagan in nature, with her animals and enjoying the dance of life with her partner and their dog on the shores of Lake Huron in Northern, Ontario, Canada.


"I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Meagan and her brilliant soul work. I have NEVER BEEN HAPPIER or more self assured than I am today. She knew exactly what I needed and when. She is a healer, shaman, advisor, coach and simply an amazing human being."



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