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Meagan is a world-renowned Energy Healer and Spiritual Life & Success Coach currently residing in Canada. She is a modern-day Shaman who holds a Masters in Metaphysics, is an ordained Minister both in Canada and the USA, and is the Best Selling Author of the book 'Up Until Now - The Three Magic Words That Stop Fear, Stress, and Anxiety from Running Your Life'.

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"Up Until Now"






This is not a self-help book!

This is a Soul Awakening book!

Up Until Now has been designed in an easy to read and practical way so that you can start applying the information you learn into your life right away.

Imagine living your life with more ease and flow. Imagine having more energy, less stress, and more confidence to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

With Up Until Now, not only will you learn:

  • Why you’ve been remaining stuck in life!

  • What most people try to do to fix their situation and why it doesn’t work.

  • And, how to get off of that energy-draining hamster wheel and stay off! But, you will gain access to a life-changing tool that will shift you out of your old fear, stress, and anxiety patterns in less than 30 seconds.

This refreshing, soul-expanding, and consciousness-raising book is for you if:


  • You’re ready for a change and want a proven transformational tool to put to use in your life right away.


  • You’re ready to finally say goodbye to the stress, overwhelm, fear, and anxiety that has been running your life and want to take your power back.


  • You’ve tried to change old habits, but the change never seems to stick and you fall back into your old patterns.


  • You’re starting to wake up on your spiritual path and have a desire to actually live your life, rather than watch it pass you by.


  • You have reached the end of your rope and are feeling stuck in life.

Let’s ignite the flame that lives deep within your heart and get you living the life you’ve merely been dreaming about... Up Until Now!

See You On The Inside!

We are so proud to be releasing Meagan's 2nd Edition & revised version of her Original Best Selling book from 2016. 

'Up Until Now - The 3 Magic Words That Stop Fear, Stress, and Anxiety from Running Your Life'

This Ebook is part 1 of her 4 part series entitled:

Wisdom Of The Soul. Be sure to get your copy today and share it with those you love!

Just click the BUY NOW button for a PDF that can be download, printed, or viewed on any computer, tablet or smartphone.


 ONLY $7.77 CDN.