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Meagan is a world-renowned Energy Healer and Spiritual Life & Success Coach currently residing in Canada. She is a modern-day Shaman who holds a Masters in Metaphysics, is an ordained Minister both in Canada and the USA, and is the Best Selling Author of the book 'Up Until Now - The Three Magic Words That Stop Fear, Stress, and Anxiety from Running Your Life'.

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Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you want to discover your true purpose, connect with your higher self, and live the life you were meant to live?

You Have A Purpose You Were Meant To Fulfill

Do you know what it is?

Many people go through life without knowing their purpose. They live small, constricted lives, accomplishing and experiencing far less than what they were born for.

And they get caught up in the rat race of making ends meet when they should be living in abundance and changing the world.

Have you been caught in that trap?

Are you searching for what you were meant to do, and spending your time on things that you know are NOT what you were sent to Earth to do?




Many years ago I found myself on my death bed at the young age of 23.

I had been living my life in such a way that on the outside it looked 'perfect' but on the inside, I was a complete mess. I was living from a fear, lack, scarcity, and victim-based mindset. I had no idea how to take care of my body, love myself, honor my feelings, feel my emotions, or master my thoughts.


I had suppressed my spiritual gifts and talents deep within my body and unplugged from Great Spirit/God/Universe/Source Energy at a young age because I wanted so badly to fit in,  be liked, be validated, and do right by everyone around me.

I soaked up the human conditioning and programming so well that I completely forget who I really was and why I was really here.

With my body shutting down, quarantined and alone in the hospital, the doctors wanted to take out my appendix, gallbladder, 10 feet of my small intestine, and a few other organs on a 'hunch' that it might help me.

As I lay afraid and alone, I realized that I was about to die! At the same time, I realized that it just wasn't my time to go and that I had been living my life all backward. I realized that there had to be another way to live my life, fulfill my burning desire to help others, and heal without having to lose all of those organs.


On my 24th birthday, I made a decision to leave that hospital against all doctor's orders! With all of my organs intact I began my inner healing journey of remembering and awakening to the truth of who I really was emotionally, mentally, physically, and especially spiritually.


Everything about me that I had suppressed, repressed, and tucked away deep inside myself had to be seen, felt, heard, witnessed, and loved. All of my shame, fear, guilt, lack of inner self-worth and feelings of 'not being good enough' had to be reprogrammed from the inside out as I tuned into my spiritual energy and Soul's Purpose.

My journey led me around the world working with natural healers, alternative doctors, shamans, medicine women and men, energy healers, sages, personal development gurus, and spiritual leaders. As I learned how to master my mind, my emotions, and my energy I noticed how healthy, strong, and vibrant I was becoming. Coincidence? I think not!


I was remembering who I really was as a spiritual being of light living and breathing in a human body. As I unlearnt everything society had taught me based on fear and separation, I relearnt who I was based on Spiritual Truths and Univeral Laws that govern our world and how we co-create our realities.


Mixing mysticism with shamanism, personal development with spiritual development, holistic health with emotional freedom tools, and so much more, I created a way to help others heal into wholeness. Through my journey of remembering and awakening to my higher levels of consciousness from the inside out, I discovered my purpose as a Spiritual Life Coach, Shaman, and Holistic Energy Healer.

And that brings me to this present moment - right here with you! Of all the billions of websites you could have gone to, there is no coincidence that you are here spending your valuable time with me.

The part of you that is seeking a freer, fuller, and more expanded way of living has led you here to me and it is my job to assist you on your journey back to remembering who you really are, why you're really here, and what your true purpose is!

You've likely been 'waking up' and noticing the numbers 11:11. 444, 222, 333, etc. everywhere you go wondering what they mean.  You've likely been noticing that you're different now and you're not sure what you want out of life anymore. You likely have had some health, relationship, or finance experiences that have shaken you up and caused you to reevaluate your life.

The part of you that is seeking to realign with you is your Soul, and we need to make sure that you have the tools you're going to need in order to align with your Soul in the most easeful, flowing, and loving way possible while you heal your heart, your thoughts, your past, your emotions, and your body.

This journey is a Soul Journey... filled with balancing and integrating higher levels of energy, vibrations, and frequencies. I am here to help guide your way home - back into the wisdom of your soul if you'll let me.

As a Spiritual Life Coach & Healer, I am passionate about helping you claim your power and create a life that is meaningful for you.  It is my heartfelt intention to share with you all that I know and continue to learn in order to help you master your energy, mindset, emotions, and connection to your high self in a holistic and all-encompassing way.


So! Are you ready to discover your purpose, find your true self, and unlock YOUR power to design a life you would absolutely love living?

If you are, It would be my honor to help guide you. Click on the 'Get Started button' to fill out my form and be scheduled for a complimentary strategy session (valued at $220). This session is done over skype or zoom where we will have the opportunity to speak further about your current situation, answer any questions you may have, and if we feel we are a good fit to work together I will layout a personalized spiritual coaching program tailored to your specific needs and goals so that we can get you living on purpose with more confidence, clarity, energy, balance, and love than ever before!


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