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The Healing Circle

Gain Access to Private Weekly Support with Meagan

Meagan created The Healing Circle with the intention to hold space for those who wished to work with her outside of her private business. With nearly two decades of experience in teaching, healing, coaching and educating thousands of people from around the world,  she wanted a private members based platform to share her wisdom and offer her magic to those who were ready to receive it.

It is a space for those who wish to slow things down, heal old stories about who they think they are, and live from their highest potential to achieve dreams they never thought possible.

This online healing circle is for you if you're looking for solace and sanctuary, education and empowerment, emotional and intuitive intelligence, and soul-mind-body integrative healing. Each and every week (the schedule does change to support multiple time zones) Meagan gathers with you to heal and elevate your divine wise self from your past conditioning.

By slowing things down and sharing her vast array of practical and holistic spiritual tools she is able to support you in your Souls Awakening.

Each gathering is unique and organic. All sessions are LIVE and interactive. If you miss a session it is recorded so that you can catch the replay at a later date. Once you are a member you receive immediate access to ALL previous sessions and are invited each week to these exclusive gatherings.

Meagan believes that everyone should have access to the life changing information & wisdom that will help them master their mindset, take back their power, heal into wholeness, and co-create a life they absolutely LOVE living. It's easy to join. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.