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Meagan is a world-renowned Energy Healer and Spiritual Life & Success Coach currently residing in Canada. She is a modern-day Shaman who holds a Masters in Metaphysics, is an ordained Minister both in Canada and the USA, and is the Best Selling Author of the book 'Up Until Now - The Three Magic Words That Stop Fear, Stress, and Anxiety from Running Your Life'.

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We Create Our Lives!

We are beings of ENERGY and everything on the planet, as well as in the Universe, is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies and speeds.

As we live our lives we interact with energy in very specific ways which therefore produce very specific results in our lives.

If we want to change the results we are experiencing in our lives, we must first change the energetic frequency that we are sending out.

We are like a radio transmitter and receiver all in one. Always sending out and receiving signals of energy, vibration, and frequency.


The other way of saying this would be, 'When you change how you relate to life, you change what happens around you'.

In order to change your life on the outside, we must do the work on the inside. Your invisible world is what is attracting, like a magnet, your external experiences.


The work that you will be doing with Meagan is deeply transformative and lifechanging as you journey within to see what your energy is saying to you.


You Master Your Life!

Working with Meg has been an extremely rewarding experience, resulting in growth towards both my personal and professional goals.  A very down to earth, compassionate style and the ability to ask the right questions in a manner that has helped me rediscover who I really am and what I really want out of life.  


Meg's extensive knowledge and experience combined with her passion for helping others has helped me to feel empowered to pursue my dream life.  I highly recommend Meg if you are looking to crash through your barriers!!​


Regional Vice President, Primerica


Before I met Meagan I was stuck in an old way of thinking and of looking at the world. Now, after two incredible events and four private coaching sessions, I am in control of my life and attracting the things that I want every day. 
My business has gone through the roof and my mindset is under my control.  People come into your life for a reason, and Meagan came into mine at exactly the right time. Take the opportunity to work with her!  You will never regret it!


Sales Representative, Exit Realty


Meagan McKerroll is a world-class life coach who offers the kind of mentoring support you wished you had and you'll thank your lucky stars that you found her! From your very first conversation with Meagan you'll know you are in capable hands.


She has mastered that unbeatable and highly sought-after combination of listening caringly and responding intuitively, taking her clients and their most sought after dreams through quantum leaps and into inspired action.


Life Coach, Author, Owner of Montessori Children's House

Cypress, California, USA


Work With Meagan...

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