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Success Stories & Client Love

Meagan is passionate about guiding you to achieve your highest potential in your personal and professional life. She knows that you are here on purpose and want to do great work in the world while living an abundant, free, happy and meaningful life.

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Meg is one of those rare people who touches the lives of everyone she meets and it is a pleasure to be able to work with her. She has a way of seeing your highest potential and challenges you to become who you were meant to be. I am grateful to have been under her care as I take steps to move into filling my passions and dreams. Thank you!

Cindy McKay - Professional Life Coach & Business Owner

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I'd reached a point in my life where I was feeling completely lost and overwhelmed as to which path to next take... Meagan completely changed the course of my life in a span of only a couple of months. Her positive, uplifting energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm for helping others find their calling was immensely helpful. 

As a result of working with Meagan, I am no longer stagnant in my life. Instead, I'm now moving forward on a new path, navigating each day with new confidence and positive energy.

Stefanie Hendricks - Entrepreneur & Designer

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Working with Meagan has been an extremely rewarding experience, resulting in growth in both my personal and professional goals. A very down to earth and compassionate style and the ability to ask the right questions in a manner that has helped me rediscover who I really am and what I really want out of life. 

Meagan's extensive knowledge/experience combined with her passion for helping others has helped me feel empowered to pursue my dream life. I highly recommend Meagan if you are looking to crash through your barriers!

Virginia Magill, Regional Vice President, Primerica

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I was going through a mid-life realignment and I had been praying for help. The Universe sent me Meg!

Meagan McKerroll is the grounding voice of tranquility, love, appreciation and pure positive energy that I longed for in the cacophony of my life.

If you long for change -- real change, in your life, and you desire guidance from someone who is both nurturing and kickass, then Meg is your answer. Look no further. Make the call and do it!

Christine Bennett - Entrepreneur & Business Owner

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I can only express true gratitude for this amazing human-Meg.
I found her through mutual friends and was in search of a guiding light of energy. I have seen every type of counselling, psychologist etc from an early age and what I got out of our journey was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.
I was challenged in ways I have never been before and my whole thought patterns switched. I was no longer a victim to my past and I do not let it dictate my future. I now know to grow and learn from it.
I also let fear and doubt overtake my thoughts and actions. All I can say is I’m free from that and I have Meg to thank for it. I am now so incredibly grateful for what life is bringing me and I know now exactly what I want to give to the universe and what it is going to give me back.
This pure woman goddess is unlike anyone I’ve ever known and I’m forever thankful we are in each others lives.

Sonja Gable - Business Executive

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From the moment I first heard Meagan’s voice on the phone, I knew I was working with this special soul dedicated to improving the lives all around her.

Her positive and soft energy is a pleasure to be around and you can’t help but be a happier person once you are in her circle. The endless spiritual, professional and personal development and guidance I have received from Meg over the past few years has been life changing and has allowed me to perceive things differently and believe that anything is possible.

She offers so much continuing support and is always willing to give a much needed nudge in the right direction, and for this I am forever grateful! If anyone can help move you in the right direction spiritually, personally or professionally it is Meagan McKerroll.

Melanie Conto - Business Owner

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Meagan is deeply skilled at continuously finding amazing techniques to help me stay focused as we as assists with any blockages that arise along the way... Every day she helps me find energy and motivation to continue to take those massively important steps towards my dreams.

I am so excited to be working with her and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that would like guidance finding their life purpose, path, dreams, passions. Her personalized program is customized to my needs and I am on week 5 of this 12-week program and it has already been so powerful on so many levels. Worth every penny! WOW! I love you Megnificent!

Shonna Sarri - Business Owner

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Before I met Meagan I was stuck in an old way of thinking and of looking at the world. Now, after two incredible events and a series of private coaching sessions, I am in control of my life and attracting the things that I want every day. 

My business has gone through the roof and my mindset is under my control.  People come into your life for a reason, and Meagan came into mine at exactly the right time. Take the opportunity to work with her!  You will never regret it!

Rob Trembinski - Real Estate Representative

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If you come to a moment in your life where you realize you need to change the deepest parts of your being to be more self loving, more worthy...than Meagan is the woman for the job.

She is deeply intuitive, knowledgeable and dedicated to your success. I have been working with Meg for some time now and I have been successful at changing my frequency to one that aligns perfectly with the desires in MY heart.

If you need a change with your career, your mental health, money, your name it...the change in mindset happens fast when Meagan is there to coach you along the way.

Monique Sunstrum St Pierre - Holistic Healer & Entrepreneur

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I have always considered myself a motivated, strong, confident women, however my subconscious knew I was capable of more.

Within the first session talking with Meagan I felt something begin to evolve inside me. The healing, understanding, acceptance and enlightenment I gained working with this incredible goddess is nothing less than life changing.

Not only did it change my outlook on life but helped skyrocket my career dreams into reality. I now truly know what I am capable of and I cannot express enough gratitude for this experience.

Katrina Thibodeau - International Artist & Business Owner

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From the moment I met Meagan I was immediately drawn to her and her energy. She is such a vibrant and inspiring individual. I was hesitant to spend the money and do the work….I didn’t think I had the money to spend on myself or the time. In the end it was the best investment I have ever made.


Working with Meagan allowed me to clearly see my dreams and make those dreams a reality. Meagan gave me tools, mindset and the gentle nudgesI needed to live the life I dreamed of. I am forever grateful for all Meg has done for me and would highly recommend working with her.

Morgan Marie - Small Business Owner

"There are many methods for personal development or personal growth: this 12-week program under Meagan's guidance is one of the few truly worth it. Meagan gives her all for her clients."

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Meagan is a talented, dynamic and inspiring speaker. Her positive, passionate, energetic, and motivational style puts her audience at ease and creates an environment where it is comfortable to not just think about your dream but to believe in it! Meagan leaves her audience excited, empowered and ready to actualize success in all aspects of their lives.

Julie Cayley - General Manager

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Meagan is an absolute gem, healer, spiritual guide and amazing person on every level. She came into my life when I was lost - not sure what my purpose was and what I was meant to do. I had lots of questions and lots of growing and learning to do. Meg opened me up to MY LIFE, teaching, guiding and walking me through life steps that I needed to take to become the real version of me. I have worked with Meg for 2 years, and can't wait for each session.
She helped me build a successful business, she has helped me gain my confidence and to finally say that I LOVE ME - Thank you Meg.
I have just finished an amazing spiritual session with Meg. With guided visualization and support, Meg has once again taken me to a new higher vibration - a new energetic level! Every time I meet with Meg, I expand and grow more. Meg gives me the right tools at the right time to help me become the best version of me - to come into my Higher Self. I have learned more about myself once again!
Meagan is a special gift in my life
I will always be truly grateful and honored that you are part of my life. ~ Namaste

Carol Trotter - Holistic Health Coach & Women's Empowerment Guide


BeforeI met Meagan my days would leave me feeling frustrated and out of control with nothing to show for it... Now that I've done her 12-week program, I am living and working with more respect, love, integrity, and strength.

The true blessing of this experience has been the window of opportunities the universe has sent my way through these learnings and my increasing awareness. I envisioned and asked for more speaking opportunities to promote my message for my business, and while working with Meagan, I had 3 talks. I envisioned and asked for a new beautiful house and large property for my future gym, I'm happy to say my wife Heather and I are moving in October.

There are many methods for personal development or personal growth; the 12-week program under Meagan's guidance is one of the few truly worth it! She gives her all for her cleints!

Shawn Charlebois - Strength Coach, Author, and Gym Owner

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Meg has helped me in more ways than I can explain and I will ever be so grateful to have connected with her. She helped me love my self and taught me that I am in control of my own life. I am a more positive grounded and accepting person than I ever thought I could be. With Megs guidance and shared knowledge, I have been able to move through some difficult experiences and learned to forgive, let go and move on!

Ashley Moody - Master Trainer & Co-Owner of 'Iron Lodge Fitness'

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Meagan McKerroll is a world-class life coach who offers the kind of mentoring support you wished you had and you'll thank your lucky stars that you found her! From your very first conversation with Meagan you'll know you are in capable hands.

She has mastered the unbeatable and highly sought-after combination of listening caringly are responding intuitively, taking her clients and their most sought after dreams through quantum leaps and into inspired action. Thank you Meagan for the incredible support you have provided for me.

Anne S. Perrah, Ph.D - Certified Life Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, Cypress California

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Some people have a fire within their soul that draws you to them. Meg displays hers like a blazing star; beckoning you to ask the questions & speak your highest truth. She has an amazing ability to draw out your deepest emotions & innermost thoughts, along with greatest fears and tremendous ambitions.

Meg shows you what is possible, that maybe you already knew, but were not able to truly give yourself over to until she peeled back your layers of doubt & fear or whatever is holding you back. All things happen in its right timing; I am excitedly awaiting the birth of my first child, thanks to Meg's ability to open my soul & allow myself to see despite my own eyes.

Heather Mitchinson - Writer, Artist & Entrepreneur

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When I met Meagan McKerroll I was stuck! And in more than one area in my life. Business, relationship, health! Now that I've completed her Life Transformation Program, and even prior to finishing, I saw incredible progress in each of the areas in my life.

Meagan equipped me with the tools to see and achieve my vision and goals for my life. To get to the next level in any area of your life... I would highly recommend you enrol yourself in Meagan's Program; I will be again!

Dominique Johnson - Entrepreneur & Public Speaker

"Working with Meagan has definitely been the HIGHLIGHT OF MY YEAR!"

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Before working with Meagan, I was experiencing a lot of uncertainty and not really believing in myself that I have it in me to do what I really love doing in my personal life and my professional life. 

Now after completing Meg’s program, I feel I can do what I am passionate about, personally and professionally. I have more energy and give more love to myself and everything in my life. I am believing in myself and excited about the upcoming challenges because I know it will make me grow that much more after achieving them. Meg gave me so many conscious tools to work with and I am using them daily to live a brighter, happier and richer life for myself.

If you are considering working with Meagan in a group program, or 1-1, I highly recommend to EVERYONE that you say yes and go for it. It has been an amazing transformational 12 weeks working with Meg, and it has changed my life in very positive and powerful ways .

Inga Running - Holistic Health Practitioner & Entrepreneur

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Meagan is one inspiration, her beauty is body, mind and spirit. She inspired my journey, expanding my soul teaching me to get and stay in the highest of vibrations and loving myself.

She has taught me to dive deep, change old habits that no longer serve me and to live in the now. She offers you the tools and provides great insight into actually living your life rather then watching it pass you by. She offers assistance in all areas including business, relationships, children, spiritual awakening, wealth, body, mind and soul but not limited too.

After reading Up Until Now, I would not have had the courage to speak my truth and create the life for my highest good.

Thank you Meg for being in my life and believing in me.

Robin Hillstrom - Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur

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I worked with Meagan over a period of three months and spoke to her weekly for 1 hour. I am eternally grateful for the refresh, reboot this work achieved for me. I felt disillusioned, lack luster, and unfocused following my retirement and Meagan brought back my focus, gratitude, self confidence and joy. I would highly recommend Meagan and her brilliant soul work. I have never been happier or more self assured than I am today. She knew exactly what I needed and when. She is a healer, shaman, advisor, coach and simply an amazing human being.

Glenna Labelle - Business Executive

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My session today with Meg was so empowering. I felt so at peace and like I can figure out anything. Meg worked with me on letting go. It was a deep to the heart and much needed session. I would highly suggest working with Meg. She truly has a gift.

Michelle King - Small Business Owner

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Meg you are a total starlight in my life! I can’t express how getting to know you, both professionally and personally, has made me more conscious of being my best self and by using the tools you provided me with has enabled me to do this. I’m profoundly grateful for all that you do and I’m sure there is even greater things to come! Thank you goddess!!

Muriel Chestnut - Artist, Entrepreneur & Business Owner of Enlightened Dressage

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Working with Meg has definitely been the highlight of my year! Upon leaving my career in the public sector I met with Meg and knew she was the right person to guide me through this transition in my life.  Spending 12 weeks learning about myself and clearing out the old ways of thinking have given me the best start on my new path and future career choices. 

Not only did I become crystal clear on the next steps towards my future... I love and appreciated Meg for her professional yet personal approach. She adapted to working with and meeting my needs, along my journey yet also remained focused on the core principals that kept me on track to achieve my desired outcomes. I am moving faster, thinking clearer and moving closer every day to living my best life! Know that you are worth the investment and the time in yourself. I could not be happier that I did.

Tammy Ovey - Real Estate Representative

Workshops, Seminars & Speaking Events

Meagan’s energy and aura are contagious. Thank you for sharing your experience and teaching me the tools to help me follow my dreams!

Meagan has amazing energy! Incredibly motivating! She connected with our group instantly. My group said what every planner loves to hear, “Where did you find this speaker!? Please bring her back again!"

Meagan's warm and caring disposition makes her a natural mentor. In her workshop, you feel like you're just having a conversation with an old friend. She helped me find the words to the questions I didn't know how to ask myself, and to take the necessary steps toward answering them!

Just as I was planning my action steps for the upcoming year I received a personal invite for your workshop. I am thankful and blessed to be here and although I have attended many similar workshops none has touched the feeling I have come away with today.

It was such a pleasure to be in the same space with Meagan. Her energy is contagious, inspiring, and authentic! I loved to be able to share the workshop with my 2 daughters. Invaluable info!!

What did I love about this workshop? Everything! I came here physically tired, and I am leaving totally lit up. It’s as though my dream became more alive today. Meagan facilitated an evening workshop in such a succinct, resonating way, that it spoke to my heart – as it come from the heart. Thank you!

Meagan helped me truly see what I want and how I need to begin my journey to getting there. Meagan gave me hope to being truly happy. She made me see that I can do this. Thank you so much Meagan.

Your Energy is absolutely radiant – you can’t help but feel so happy and positive leaving the workshop. I feel like this was the first step up the invisible staircase!

Meagan is the real deal! A natural teacher who is authentic and deeply caring for her audience and the quality of our lives. I will defintely attend again.

You breathed new life and love into me and I came away feeling revitalized and grateful. This girls is insanely happy, alive, and free today. Thank you so much Meagan.

The evening was energetic, positive, and gave tangible tools to move forward with. Loved it! Love You!

Very good motivational speaker. Very positive, enthusiastic, and easy and great to listen to. I feel I have the tools to live my dream life with the tools Meagan has given to me in her workshop. Thanks so much Meagan, it was a great night.

The presentation itself and how Meagan ran it was awesome. I love your enthusiasm, energy, and stories. You have empowered me to regain some of my confidence and have reaffirmed what I encourage others to do.  Your voice is very pleasant to listen to and you kept my interest the whole time. Thank you.

I've attending Meagan's events for 4 years, and she is truly a ‘once in a lifetime’ individual! Take the time to work with her.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy with us and for teaching me that it’s ok to peel my own onion!

Inspiring! I love the emotional growth I feel in your seminars. I leave with nuggets of information that I ponder on for days afterwards. Thank so much!

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