About Me

Meagan is a world-renowned Energy Healer and Spiritual Life & Success Coach currently residing in Canada. She is a modern-day Shaman who holds a Masters in Metaphysics, is an ordained Minister both in Canada and the USA, and is the Best Selling Author of the book 'Up Until Now - The Three Magic Words That Stop Fear, Stress, and Anxiety from Running Your Life'.

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MEET Meagan!

Meagan McKerroll, LHHP, M.Msc

is a world-renowned

Master Energy Healer,

Spiritual Life & Success Coach, Speaker, Modern Day Shaman,

Holistic Health Educator, and

Best Selling Author of the book “Up Until Now - The Three Magic Words That Stop Fear, Stress, and Anxiety from Running your Life”.

Her focus is on Holistic Health & Healing for Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotional wholeness.


She works with empaths, lightworkers, big dreamers, soul seekers, and heart-centered business women and men who want to make a difference in the world while also living a fun, free, and financially rewarding life.

As a free-spirit gypsy herself, Meagan understands the importance of her business clients who wish to have time, money, and location freedom so that they can travel, spend time with their families, and explore the world all while affecting change and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

She works with clients both personally and professionally elevating them and teaching them how to tap into the invisible side of life and success holistically.


She combines the spiritual with the practical and teaches you how to Master your Energy - Master your Mindset - Release Anxiety and Journey Within to re-discover your True Authentic Self in order to live with more passion and purpose than ever before!

She has been coached and mentored by some of the worlds leading experts in the fields of personal & professional development including Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Viktoras Kulvinskis to name but a few.

Meagan is a featured teacher in The Transformation Summit, a repeat guest on  Rogers Daytime TV and featured in 'This Kinda Life' for her interview: Learning To Trust The Universe, which you can find here. 

All of her readings, courses, programs, and retreats are designed to empower, guide, and teach you how to live a more aligned, meaningful, healthy, abundant, confident, and freedom-based life as a spiritual being.


She takes you through a holistic process that allows you to gain back your energy, confidence, and spiritual direction in life so that you can manifest in full alignment with your dreams and desires.

Her main goal is to teach you

how to Heal Yourself, Own Your Worth, and Shift Your Frequency so that your life experience is more balanced and fulfilling in all areas.

Meagan is a certified Spiritual Life Coach with the Life Mastery Institute of California, an ordained minister twice over in Canada and the United States, and is a Certified Holistic Health Educator through the internationally acclaimed Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

As a board-certified Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner in Canada Meagan is pleased to be announcing that she will soon be recognized as a Holistic Cancer Coach this coming 2020 and will be expanding her business to incorporate more cancer-specific holistic healing and transformation approaches.

Meagan is an Intuitive Empath and Old Soul, to a tee, who has dedicated her life to teaching and sharing everything she knows in order to help you remember who-you-really-are so that you can live your best life!

Born and raised on a horse farm in Central Ontario, Meagan's adventurous

spirit has been traveling the world since the age of 14.

She lives between Canada and New Zealand with her partner and their dog 'Tucker' and when she's not helping others you will find her in the forests, with her animals, or by the ocean!